An argument for, about, and of Elegance

Elegance in communication -- when complex ideas are distilled so tightly and so meaningfully that your audience 'gets' meaning and implications all at once -- is a beautiful thing. These are the same qualities that distinguish great art (or art I like, anyway). I’m inspired by truly skillful communicators and try to glean what I can about the craft of making ideas come alive for others.

This TED talk by physicist Brian Greene, is one such example.  By the end of his 18-minute presentation on String Theory, it not only made sense to me, but I'm genuinely excited about it. His ability to inspire that response in me is as wonderous as his suggestion that there are as many as 11 dimensions in the universe.  

I’m preparing a TED talk of my own this week (for TEDxWomen). The challenge to distill big ideas into memorable and potent metaphors and stories is really hard work; I’m using Greene’s presentation, and that of so many other talented speakers as inspiration.