Happy Obama Day!

Big strides for women, for gay marriage and, oh ya, oppressed marijuana smokers (super interesting implications on that one, for business, regulation, taxation, medicine...).

I like to think of myself as a sober thinker (yes, pun intended), and as happy as I am for this outcome, think we've got some ugly times ahead.  No matter how fiscal cliff issues are managed in the short-term (expectation: as little as politically feasible while continuing the can-kicking of deficits and tax reform), we're ripe for a recession (precisely because no one, neither pols nor populace, has the stomach for hard decisions).

My opinion, there is no 'turn around' ahead. There's no way back to a hey day; issues of trade, global economies, wars, investment, education, and healthcare are far more complex than simplistic arguments over taxes and spending can ever address.

Yet, that's what we'll continue to fight about and, in four years, will very likely be having the same discussions, with the same intensity.

I'm thinking about writing a longer piece on this. Not about politics, but about how deeper, structural shifts (4 forces) are shaping perspectives and process in government.
Maybe next week....stay tuned.