Van Jones

I was in the audience, at PopTech 2007, when Van Jones gave this speech. His message and delivery really excited me: connect the people who most need work (ghettos) with the work that most need to be done (green technologies) by creating a skilled labor force in green trades. -- The true meaning of sustainability.

In 2009, Van Jones  was appointed by President Obama to be Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. He resigned later that year when commentator Glenn Beck characterized Jones' past political activism as "communist conspiracies" and agitated conservatives to root Jones out of the administration (Beck continues his efforts to "out" Marxists from Obama White House, and in a May 2012 show, continues his paranoid obsession with Jones: "Be on guard, America, for Van Jones," and delivers a personal message, saying, "Van, I know exactly who you are. I know what you're capable of." -- A different kind of entertainment, to be sure). 

But, back to Van's presentation. I think it rocks, and hope you do too.