A 30-second make-Over, Every Morning

The future of beauty is in beta.  It's name is MODA, a make-up machine that uses 3D technologies to perfect your look in 30 seconds! Want to try the azure blue-rimmed cat-eye look of the season? How about the subtle glow a Jennifer Aniston always has?  With MODA, already in beta tests, these looks will be customized for the unique geometry and tone of your face, made possible through a combination of existing technologies:

  1. Mobile: Use an app to select a photo of the look you want to try on. Via bluetooth technology the image is sent to the MODA where it is analyzed for color and application of foundation, blush, eyes, and lips.
  2. Biometric scanning: Stick your face in the MODA and it will measure the precise planes, coloring, and measurements of your face.
  3. 3D printing: Loaded with mineral pigments, the MODA mists the make-up on in 3 layers: primer, foundation, and colors. In 30 seconds!

A revolutionary solution that will create complete makeup looks in just 30 seconds! Invitations for the MODA™ are now closed, visit www.foreo.com to discover FOREO's other innovative beauty solutions.

The cosmetics industry brought in more than $255 billion in 2014. That much revenue isn't something that beauty giants such as L'Oreal and Proctor & Gamble will want to lose, so it's interesting to consider how they might integrate technologies such as the MODA. It'll require a new form of retail, sales, and marketing strategies to match it. The formulations of printer-ready make-up are likely to be where competition heats up. Customers will still go to the counter to try on competing spray pigments and, very likely, the different tiers of printers that become available (in the same way that ultrasonic cleansing brushes, similar to the high-tier Clarisonic brush, have been adopted by elite and drugstore brands alike). As printing technologies move into retail and bathroom shelves, the spend on beauty products (skincare too) is poised for even more growth.

Composing myself in the morning, with fashion and make-up choices, is a ritual I truly enjoy. If the MODA was in my life, would I miss that ritual?  Surprisingly, I don't think I would. I'd still be choosing the looks and, if it really gave me the effect I wanted, I'm sure I'd use the time to 'compose' myself for the day in other ways. As long as I had creative control, I'd be happy for the extra 20 minutes to read, sleep, exercise, mediate, write, cook...