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Most forecasts are guesswork.
Cecily’s model is proven.


The growing barrage of information pointed at us every day is overwhelming, clouding our view of what is, what matters, and what’s next. We need a reliable way to get perspective, anticipate change intelligently, and bring focus to the ideas and efforts that move the future forward in a productive way.

Cecily’s Four Forces of Change model provides this view. Anchored in the constant and structural forces that shape every society, it helps us understand the changes around us and where they’re coming from, and to see where important changes are already emerging. While dramatic changes roil on the surface, these forces are, themselves, unchanging.  

Since all change has its roots in Resources, Technology, Demographics, and Governance, any credible view of the future must evaluate these four forces and their impact.

We use the Four Forces of Change model to detect change below the surface, spotting ideas, technologies, models, and revolutions that are the emerging ground of your future. This is how you can confidently move from what is Known, to what is New, to what is Next.