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Moving you from known to new to next

What’s next, and how do we get there? It’s a question that organizations around the world all grapple with. If you’re looking to move beyond the status quo, solve a complex problem, or redefine your role in an industry — or even reshape the industry itself — Cecily can help. Named one of the “World’s Top Female Futurists,” she has a proven practical approach for helping companies identify and act on their best opportunities for change and growth.



Cecily is a trusted guide and ally to executive teams charged with ambitious projects. As detailed in Think Like A Futurist, her proprietary model of change launches an end-to-end process that takes clients from the present to a detailed plan for the future. The resulting strategy identifies exciting opportunities for growth, connecting today’s needs to tomorrow’s conditions. Examples are:  

  • An investigation into the future of leadership for a large technology company that revolutionized their philosophy, model, and approach to leadership development.

  • A program to democratize innovation for a large CPG company that measurably improved employee engagement, culture, product innovation, and net sales.

  • An M&A strategy for a heritage manufacturer transitioning to an outdoor-lifestyle brand, based on long-term demographic, cultural, economic trends.

  • A redefinition of corporate strategy for a global pet nutrition company to grow pet ownership by 10 million in 5 years across all brands.

  • A roadmap to a sustainable future for an energy utility facing growing demand amid social, regulatory, geopolitical, and technological uncertainties.

“By understanding change, you’re able to lead change, no matter what the economy pundits say we’re experiencing.”

Think Like a Futurist
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