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Determined by the scope of the project, there are three phases of development available for organizations that (may) include:

Four Forces of Change: Cultivate Change Literacy


To affect change—whether it be change in the market, in society, your organization, or in yourself—it's important to, first, distinguish what changes, what doesn't, and what's next.  This begins with an introduction to the relationship among three interlocking systems involved in creating change: the environment, the human brain, and the organization.

Zone of Discovery : Innovation Workshop

The Zone of Discovery is a guide for building a brand‐specific, future‐focused innovation portfolio; it’s all about filling the pipeline with projects that ladder up to, and fulfill, a strategic vision.

The 5% Rule : Internal Innovation Program

Success (in time and resources) = 5% vision + 95% sweat.
Most organizations spend 95‐98% of their time, talent, and money on producing results every day and have a fairly high level of expertise in doing so.

Rarely, however, do they know how to manage the future with the same rigor that they manage day‐to‐day, quarter‐to‐quarter activities. They fail to realize that the future is larger than a couple of semi-annual offsite retreats can hold. Rather, managing the future is a regular activity that must be integrated and refreshed in the normal course of business.

This is where Cecily’s 5% Rule program comes in. A combination of training, structure, and best practices, The 5% Rule keeps vision alive all year round and makes innovation everybody’s business. The 5% Rule program demonstrates that vision, strategy, and innovation aren’t a matter of time, but a matter of discipline and culture—it’s the ultimate tool for managing the future in a deliver-now environment. Because, if you’re not busy creating your future, you’re just busy.