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“If you’re not busy creating your future,” says futurist Cecily Sommers, “then all you are is just busy.”

Everyone, today, is managing a life burdened with so many to-dos that time and attention have become our most precious commodities. As a result, we tend to define success as movement from deadline to deadline (or, sometimes, crisis to crisis), leaving too few brain cells -- and hours in the day -- available to think about the future.

Clearly, the physics of time won’t budge, so we need to find a way to make our perspective both more elastic and comprehensive. In other words, we need to learn how to think like a futurist.

In her presentation, Think Like a Futurist Cecily helps people make sense of a world gone flat, fast, and fickle. With tremendous clarity, Sommers shows how the social, economic, and environmental crises of our time spring from just four constant and predictable forces. Understand how they work together to drive change, she says, and you can stake out a territory that is yours to invent and own — for the long-term.
As Cecily shares her methods for strategic foresight and innovation, she treats the audience to a guided tour of the future, pointing out important opportunities along the way. You’ll learn:

  1. tools to scan for emerging ideas, markets, and opportunities;
  2. what the brain needs to generate breakthrough insights and ideas when faced with a challenge;
  3. how to incorporate foresight and innovation practices in the work you do every day.

Offering new tools and models for a new world, this presentation is a perfect fit for discussions on strategy and innovation in any discipline. Tailored for the interests and objectives of each group, Think Like a Futurist  is a refreshingly provocative and practical view of the future for a wide range of audiences.

               Versions of this program have been received enthusiastically by clients from a broad range of industries, including Accenture, American Express, Starwood Hotels, Motorola, Best Buy, Maxwell House, General Mills, Target, Wrigley, as well as organizations in energy, aeronautics, health care, service, government, and education sectors. Cecily also speaks frequently at conferences and industry events focused on marketing, branding, innovation, leadership, technology and social media, and consumer trends.


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