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Thank you for coming to Capsule's Think + Link event this morning.

I am sick (literally!) to have missed the opportunity to be with you and to share in the community of people and ideas that keep us all moving forward.  In that spirit, and as thanks for showing up even when I couldn't, I'd like to give you a copy of Like a Futurist.
Just let me know, by filling out the following form by Tuesday, 11/20/12, and your book will be on its way.

These orders will be fulfilled through Amazon, with options for either print or eBook versions.
Then, of course, let's follow-up with a chat and a toast of thanks to Capsule's Think + Link program for making it happen!

Name *
The print version sure is pretty, however the eBook is mighty portable. Your choice!
If you want a hard copy mailed directly to you--shipping covered-- then please provide your address here. Otherwise, you'll receive a GC for the book, yours to add to any other Holiday order you may be making soon.
Amazon requires it for shipping info. Don't worry: I won't be using it for any other reason