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Complex issues.
A clear path.

The future of your organization is yours to own. Industry best practices don’t get you there, nor do tech trend reports, or courageously going bold for its own sake. Instead, you need a grounded plan informed by the forces that are shaping our world — and your place in it.

That’s the power of Cecily’s proven, predictive process. Using her rigorous and proprietary Four Forces of Change model, she unearths core issues and cross-disciplinary insights that allow you to see the world through a new lens. This informed view of the future leads to “aha moments” that can guide strategy and sharpen positioning. The result is an articulated vision and a plan that move you from Known to New to Next.


three phases of transformation.

During her 20-year career as a futurist, Cecily has tackled complex organizational challenges of all kinds for some of the world’s greatest brands. Each client’s situation is unique, of course, but Cecily’s approach remains consistent, focusing on three interrelated phases:



Every future-focused project begins with a hunch that something could be different or better. Cecily offers a focused methodology for understanding how change will impact your organization and its mission, and for identifying the unique opportunities that are yours to own.



Bringing ideas to life involves scenario-based planning and development,  workshops, and modeling. Cecily’s method and questions guide leaders through the stages of innovation, helping leaders hatch new concepts and uncover smart, high-value opportunities.



It takes strong and visionary leaders to navigate clearly through the stages of innovation in corporate systems. It also takes patience and persistence. Cecily helps leaders redefine their roles and expectations, break their addiction to certainty, and energize their teams toward a common vision.


Cecily works on some of the most critical projects organizations have, enabling them to move forward with anticipatory intelligence. Clients are industry leaders looking to redefine their organization’s position in a category — and often the category itself. Below is representative list of organizations for which Cecily and her team have guided strategic initiatives, led innovation workshops, and inspired groups at board and staff retreats.